Common Questions

Do you see children?

YES! If appropriate Rachel Nauss, LCSW will see children as young as three years old. Rachel Terry LPC will see children 14 years old through adulthood. We will also provide couples and family therapy.

How is ART different?

Accelerated Resolution Therapy is more succinct and procedural than EMDR. There is no need for the client to describe their trauma to the therapist, unless the client finds it useful.

Clinically significant improvement typically happens between 1 and 5 sessions. Each session is a stand-alone intervention. No homework required by client.

Law Enforcement Services?

We do not take insurance which means your diagnosis and chart would not be a part of your record unless your chart was subpoenaed by a judge. These are confidential sessions for you and your family.

Do you offer online counseling?

Yes! We offer telehealth to anyone residing in Texas using or simple practice that are completely confidential. This service is a session using webcams between the therapist and the client. We also offer a 20 minute intake session for $10 to see if online counseling is right for you.

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Do you take insurance?

No. We believe that accepting insurance will create insurance based treatment plans and less confidentiality for our clients. Dr. Sarah Schewitz has written a great article called The Real Reasons (That Nobody Tells You) About Why Therapists Don’t Accept Insurance.

We understand that therapy can be expensive, so we offer a $10 intake that takes about 20 minutes to see if our clinic is the right fit for you. We also provide the resource Get Better to help you handle out of network benefits that may be owed to you.

Available options discussed during your intake could be a payment plan or payment up front for a certain number of services at a discount.

Do you see couples?

Yup! The marriage relationship is the most intimate relationship we can have on this earth. We provide solution focused brief therapy to help get your marriage back on track.

Do you offer night or weekend sessions?

New client intakes are only available during regular business hours. After your intake your therapist may provide you with their night and weekend availability.

In what do you specialize?

We specialize in trauma and how it affects your family. This could look like depression, anxiety, nightmares, personality disorders, or simply not being yourself.

Which therapies do you use?

Rachel Terry offers solution focused brief therapy for our talk therapy and intake sessions. She also offers accelerated resolution therapy that uses eye movements to process trauma and revisioning therapy for those who seem to have consistent negative thinking about themselves or others. Rachel Nauss uses a variety of play therapy techniques to treat children.

What is animal therapy?

These programs are under development. They will offer sessions with animals that are appropriate for your treatment plan. This could include goats, rabbits, dogs, or horses.

Veteran Services?

Veterans, first responders, and their families can be seen through our non profit, Pine Trees Counseling Center on a low sliding scale fee. We have also partnered with The PTSD Foundation of America to help with additional resources for veterans with PTSD and their families. This includes a weekly peer group for veterans and their caregivers.