Child Therapy

When your child isn't themselves, they may be communicating something important...

Parent Empowerment

If you're not in the mental health field, sometimes it's very difficult to discern if our kid's behavior is age appropriate or a big problem. At The Hope Place, we offer regular parent follow up consultations to offer tangible psych education and empowerment. We're a team!

Session 1) Parents Only
Session 2) Child Only
Session 3) Parents Only

We take a 3 Step Approach to Treatment Planning so that parents and children feel empowered.

Rachel Nauss, LCSW is our child therapist. Most of her professional experience consists of working alongside families involved with the foster care system where issues involving racism, generational abuse, addictions, grief and shame, codependency, and complex trauma are dominant.

She understands the benefits and necessities of parent involvement and healing. Her goal is to help your child overcome their experiences to be their best selves in any circumstance.

She is also active in the ministry at her church. Her ministry and professional experiences give her a strong background in both addictions and childhood trauma.

Children at times communicate their needs in ways that we, as parents, are unable to understand. (Cue the tantrum).

Play is Language

Even the most verbal children don't always have the vocabulary to communicate the big things. The toys in session become their words.

The therapist provides a confidential, empathetic environment for your child to learn physical and emotional regulation through play.

Sand Tray

Sand Tray Therapy is a comforting, safe way for children to express themselves and communicate their needs clearly. Sensory stimulation can help their little brains process some difficult emotions.


Sessions are 45 to 50 minutes long and cost $120. We also offer a superbill after the session so that you can file for out of network benefits.

If you think we could be helpful, schedule an intake appointment.

These intake appointments are 45-50 minutes long and only involve the parents/guardians of the child.

The next session is with the child only.

The third session is with the parents only and will involve treatment planning with the therapist.

We want to make sure we're a good fit for your family.

Role Play

Sand Tray Therapy

Books, toys, safety.


How to prepare your child for their first session?

Explaining therapy to a child can be a challenge, especially if they believe something is "wrong" with them. Try the following tips:

  1. Explain that, "Since things aren't going so well for you at home (or at school) we thought you would like to have some special play times with a play therapist named Rachel. She has a playroom with a lot of toys that you can play with in a lot of different ways."

  2. And, "Rachel will not make you do anything you don't want to do, and you will be able to choose when you want to say something."

  3. Also, "Your play times with Rachel will normally happen at the same time each week. Sometimes she will need to talk to your parents about how you're doing."

  4. In the link below you will find an image carousel that shows various pictures of our facility and some of the toys in the child therapy room. Allow them to scroll through the carousel and ask you questions.

  5. Remember that you are the parent, and you know what is best for your child, even when they throw fits about it.