Online Therapy

Coronavirus Note: We do not have a waitlist at this time. 20 minute intakes are $10 and we are offering half sessions to help with fees. Please call our office at 817-941-0100 or email at


Benefits related to telehealth include:

  • continuing therapy with a counselor you trust
  • helping you think more clearly and prioritize your needs
  • crisis counseling during disasters
  • gather coping skills to share with friends and family
  • the computer provides an additional barrier between client and therapist so that talking about embarrassing events becomes less invasive
  • therapy can still be accomplished during isolation


Some risks include, but are not limited to:

  • technology failure disrupting the session
  • the therapist's inability to view all of your body language for assessment
  • miscommunications about what the therapist or client says in session
  • interruption by children, pets, or other people around you during the session


NOTE: Sliding scale may apply during the coronavirus outbreak. We want to help!

Online Therapy could still be covered by your out of network benefits. We provide an intake for $10 that lasts about 20 minutes to make sure that we're a good fit for your needs. Full fees range from half sessions for $60 or full sessions for $120.

We provide a superbill for you to file for any out of network benefits that you may be owed by your insurance company.

See and Talk

The Hope Place offers telehealth services from your phone, tablet, or computer using HIPPA compliant software to all Texas residents.

Worried about privacy while staying at home?

Why not try sitting in your car? Sitting outside? Maybe taking some you time in a closet? Where ever it is, we'll be there with you.

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The Process

  1. Go to the scheduling page and choose the therapist you'd like to meet online.
  2. Choose the time that best fits your needs and send the request.
  3. Check your email! We will confirm your appointment and send you intake paperwork to be signed electronically.
  4. Fill out all documents sent to the email you entered.
  5. During your scheduled time, click on the link provided in your email.
  6. Accept the permissions requested so that we can see you through the webcam and hear what you say.
  7. After your session, we will charge your credit card on file and send you a superbill if requested.