Rachel Nauss LCSW

Rachel Nauss, LCSW

Rachel has always had a heart for the things important to people, going back to “counseling sessions” on the playground in elementary school. The same passion also fueled her own journey in mental and emotional healing. She is passionate about all aspects of health and wellness and believes in a holistic approach when considering mental health. Since no two people are alike, treatment approaches will look different to accommodate the uniqueness of the individuals.

Rachel obtained a Masters in Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2006 and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Most of her professional experience consists of working alongside families involved with the foster care system where issues involving racism, generational abuse, addictions, grief and shame, codependency, and complex trauma are dominant. She is also active in the recovery ministry at her church. Her ministry and professional experiences give her a strong background in both addictions and childhood trauma.

Where can you find Rachel during her free time? Chances are decent she is either at the gym, on the trails running, or curled up with her dogs, husband, and a good book. Or at the coffee shop. Always the coffee shop.

Rachel Nauss sees children through adults and offers online counseling to residents of Texas.