Got Problems?

Get Hope.

Licensed Professional Counseling and Marital Therapy in Mansfield, Texas or online.

You know the way you've been trying to do all the things isn't working. You're not sleeping well. You can't connect with your kids. You're busy putting out fires instead of leading the pack or creating joy.

You're not at your best, but you don't know why or how to get there.

The Hope Place may not look like a mental health center, but...

that was the point.

We're located on 10 acres, right outside of Mansfield city limits. Although this cabin with the red door may look like someone's country home, I assure you it's not.

We house 3 licensed professional counselors and therapists who offer a variety of mental health treatments and services.

Yup. Even small animal therapy with baby goats.

Coronavirus Office Policy

May 18th, 2020 @1500

Professional Counseling for anxiety, depressions, marital discord, and children.

We have reopened our doors to see clients face to face and online. We want to help! We are able to see any Texas residents online using any online platform available to the client. For more information about our online therapy program including fees click, Online Therapy.

For more information about our therapists see, Therapists.

The most up to date info, videos, coping skills, etc can be found on our facebook page at:

Please email us at with any questions or concerns you might have.

Please click the button to view our updated schedules and schedule online.

"Hope is the thing with feathers..." Emily Dickinson